About Us

The Australian Medical Forum offers accredited educational courses for primary health care providers and trainees. Our presentations are concise and yet provide updates on the latest advances in clinical medicine. All participants receive presentation content in electronic or printed form. CPD credits are applied for each event and can be claimed by participants depending on the duration of their participation in our conference.

Our Vision
In 2005, two physicians believing in the importance of access to education of the highest quality and striving for excellence, saw a need in providing open and unbiased forums for learning to those working in the medical field. With this vision in mind, the Forum Für Medizinsiche Fortbildung or ‘FoMF’ (which translates to ‘Forum for Medical Education’) was established. Since that time, FOMF has stretched across the European continent to offer a network of forums in countries including Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. In 2013 the organisation also expanded to the United States and in 2016, it branched to the United Kingdom.

Recently in 2017, this vision expanded to Australia with the establishment of the Australian Medical Forum (AMF). AMF endeavours to provide forums around Australia which engender these same values. Following leading global trends in medicine as well as excelling research closer to home, AMF aims to assist those working in primary healthcare to remain abreast with relevant medical advancements that would allow them to be of better service to the Australian community and moreover, to continue serving humanity at large. 

Our Achievements

Although still in its infancy, AMF has been commended for showcasing the knowledge of some of the best medical researchers and leaders in their fields to nearly seven hundred primary healthcare physicians over four General Practice Update conferences in three states across Australia. In conjunction with this aim, it has also sought to engage participants in a more consultative experience with a significant focus on Q & A – not only with presenters but with fellow colleagues as well. 

AMF is also taking new initiatives to improve and extend the delivery of our conferences through the use of technology. As a result of our current initiative, AMF now offers conferences via Live Stream broadcast. It is hoped that this will also provide more options for those especially serving in regional settings. Participants will still be able to earn the same number of CPD points as in-person attendees, while participating from the comfort of their homes or offices.