Spring 2019

Day 1

9:00Gastroenterology: Chronic Constipation  
9:30Gastroenterology: Food Allergy  
10:00Morning Tea  
10:20Gastroenterology: Elevated Liver Enzymes – Diagnostic Steps  
10:50Gastroenterology: Colon Cancer  
11:20Gastroenterology: Pancreatic Cancer  
13:10Psychiatry: Dementia  
13:40Psychiatry: Depression  
14:10Urology: Sexually Transmitted Diseases  
14:40Afternoon tea  
15:10Infectious Diseases: Fever of Unknown Origin  
15:40Infectious Diseases: Rational Use and Overuse of Antibiotic Treatment in Frequently Encountered Infections  
16:10Women’s Health: Contraceptive Treatment in Medical Practice  
16:40Women’s Health: Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer – Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment  
17:15End of Program  

Day 2

9:00Cardiology: Heart Failure with Reduced and Preserved Ejection Fraction  
9:30Cardiology: Syncope – Diagnosis and Treatment  
10:00Morning Tea  
10:20Cardiology: Atrial Fibrillation – Latest Treatment Guidelines  
10:50Cardiology: Common Valvular Diseases – Therapeutic Trends  
11:20Cardiology: Myocarditis  
13:10Cardiology: Art. Hypertension  
13:40Endocrinology: Type 2 Diabetes – Effective Management  
14:10Endocrinology: Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetic Complications  
14:40Afternoon tea  
15:10Endocrinology: Thyroid Disorders  
15:40Neurology: Peripheral Neuropathy – Diagnosis and Treatment  
16:10Neurology: Migraine – Diagnosis and Treatment  
16:40Neurology: Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease – Primary and Secondary Prevention  
17:15End of Program  

Day 3

9:00Angiology: Peripheral Arterial Disease  
9:30Angiology: Deep Vein Thrombosis  
10:00Morning Tea  
10:20Rheumatology: Rheumatologic Evaluation  
10:50Rheumatology: Osteoporosis  
11:20Rheumatology: Polymyalgia Rheumatica  
13:10Orthopaedics: Lower Back Pain  
13:40Orthopaedics: Prevention and Treatment of Arthrosis  
14:10Dermatology: Common Rashes in Medical Practice  
14:40Afternoon tea  
15:10Dermatology: Fungal Infections  
15:40Respiratory Medicine: Community Acquired Pneumonia  
16:10Respiratory Medicine: Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease  
16:40Respiratory Medicine: Lung Cancer  
17:15End of Program  

Day 4

9:00ALM: Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: Diagnosis & Management of Type 2 Diabetes  
10:30Morning Tea  
11:00ALM: Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: Dyslipidemia  
13:10ALM: Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: Art. Hypertension  
15:00Afternoon tea  
15:30ALM: Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases: Smoking Cessation  
17:00End of Program  

Participating Organisations

While the Australian Medical Forum Program is completely free from the influence of any sponsors, in order to ensure we provide access for the participants to new products & services, we provide the opportunity for companies to have booths during the conference and give a short presentation titled “Symposium” to those participants that are interested. This session is not a part of the formal program and doesn’t count towards the CPD points. Therefore, it is optional whether the participants wish to participate or not. We give careful consideration to the types of products & services to ensure that the booths & symposia would be of interest to the participants in the conference.